The map of Middle-Earth

I just finished painting the map of Middle-earth on the wall of the room of a 9-year-old Lord of the Rings fan. First of all, sorry about the poor quality of the pictures. The room was really small and the lighting a bit tricky. Anyway, the whole process took about 20-25 hours of work.

I started off with a white undercoating and followed by shades of brown and a little palette knife work to make the base look a bit like old paper. I did that so I could incorporate some bits that are a bit transparent so that the map base would show from below the paint. I especially enjoyed painting the various mountains and of course Isengard and Barad Dûr.

The wall itself will be repainted around the picture so the owner can get rid of all the mess I made using excess water etc. I enclosed two details of the work so inspite of the poor pictures you’ll be able to get a better look at things. For the painting I used charcoal to make the outlines for the sketch. The outlines we cast on the wall with a video projector. The painting itself is done in acrylic and is about 1,5×1,5 meters in size.

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