Ahti: Sewer Warrior

Art: Jussi Kanto, Hannu Timonen
Programming: Marjut Mikkola, Erno Sallinen
Project Management: Hannu Timonen

Ahti: Sewer Warrior is made for The ORAS Project funded by The Finnish ministry of environment. The main goal of the ORAS project is to raise awareness of nutrient cycle and the state of our waters. To reach these goals the project produces educational materials for different target groups with easily understandable content. The target groups are students in upper secondary level and in college. The project also targets the general public. In the game the player takes the role of Ahti, The god of the waters, struggling midst challenging scenarios caused by contaminants. Ahti’s commander, Colonel Pike, gives the player missions at the start of every level. The briefings and debriefings also include valuable information about sewage and the nutrient cycle.

The game challenges the player both to become a better player but also to think about recycling and the preservation of nature in our everyday lives. During the game, the player is tasked to destroy various contaminants in locations such as a sewer and a lake. The story will guide the player through the challenges of waste water treatment and helps to identify major problems within the nutrient cycle and sewage. In addition to the challenge and the story, Ahti: Sewer Warrior takes the player through the secrets of sewage with its impressive graphics and intuitive gameplay. With Ahti, the player learns priceless information and every playthrough will teach something new.

Ahti: Sewer Warrior in Google Play